Youth Tested COVID-19 Positive Walks 6 KM To Board Ambulance In Majuli

He was tested positive for the virus on Sunday


Guwahati: A youth from Majuli who was tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on Sunday had to walk at least 6 kilometres to get to the ambulance which was deployed to receive him.

As per information available, the youth who belongs to Kulamuwar area of Majuli district came back from Arunachal Pradesh last week and was sent to home quarantine by the administration after taking his samples. However, on Sunday his sample reports turned out to be positive and so an ambulance was deployed to take him to the hospital but there stood a problem.

The youths village was not accessible by large vehicles as it was connected to the main area only via a bamboo bridge which could not take heavy loads. The youth on being informed by health officials, decided to walk the entire stretch on foot as there were no arrangements for picking him up.

It was further alleged that the youth being tested positive for the virus only had a mask with him and no PPE or gloves with him. On reaching the designated location, the health workers gave him the gloves.

However, people in the area are now concerned about the issue that one person among them was tested to be positive but the administration has taken all steps to prevent the spread of the virus.