In Pics: Protesting Climate Change, Young Guwahatians Take To Streets In A Global Strike

'Fridays for Future' is an international movement of school students who take time off from class to demand action against global warming


Following the call of the 16-year-old Swedish school striker Greta Thunberg’s global movement ‘Fridays For Future’, the Guwahati team on September 20th, 2019 took out a Global Climate Strike rally to demand climate justice.

A group of six young members of the movement called in everyone to join the strike and impressively, the movement saw around 300 people participating who came from different institutions and different age groups.

The strike started with a small introduction and then the rally began from Dighalipukhuri Park entrance to Cotton College and then back to the park entrance. The youth took part in the rally with great spirit representing the cause through posters and slogans like ‘No more coal, no more oil, Keep the carbon in the soil’.

After the rally, the demands of the strike were announced with due details which include climate justice, to declare climate emergency, strict implementation of Waste Segregation Rules 2016, ban single-use plastics, extended producer’s responsibility, stop deforestation in the name of development, end subsidies to fossil fuel companies and reduce dependency on coal for power generation.

After the strike, a jamming session was held where the participants sang the right song for the right moment. The song was Manuhe manuhor babe by legendary singer Bhupen Hazarika.

It may be mentioned, ‘Fridays For Future’ is a global movement initiated by Thunberg. She started bunking classes every Friday to protest alone in front of the Swedish Parliament so that the government reflects the urgency of the global climate crisis in their climate policies.

Photo: Time8