‘Will Miss You Bhai’: Assam Hip Hop Artistes Mourn Demise Of Rapper Chinmoy New Breed

Condolences poured in for hip hop artiste Chinmoy Borah aka Chinmoy New Breed

Photo credit: Chinmoy New Breed Facebook

Top hip hop artistes from Assam mourned the untimely death of popular rapper Chinmoy New Breed. The young rapper died in a tragic road accident in Nagaon in the wee hours of November 19th, 2019.

Chinmoy Borah, popularly known as ‘Chinmoy New Breed’ created a buzz with his notable songs including Likhi Dilu, Aai Loi Pronam, and Xontraaxbadi to name a few. Chinmoy originally hailed from Tezpur and was the only child of his parents.

Chinmoy was heading towards Tezpur from Guwahati when his motorbike collided head-on with a truck. By the time his family members reached the spot to take him to the hospital, Chinmoy succumbed to his injuries.

“He was the first Assamese rapper whose songs influenced me to do rap music in Assamese. Frankly speaking, he inspired me. It’s heartbreaking to know that he is no more. Assam has lost a rising star,” said rapper Bhaskarjyoti Das, better known by his stage name Mr Awkward, while talking to Time8.

Another promising rapper, Maan Bora aka Island Warrior also took to Facebook to mourn the death of Chinmoy. He shared a photograph and captioned it as, “We will miss you bhai.”

“I met him thrice but had developed a strong connection with him within a very small span of time. Both of us started our career from dance backgrounds. He was very supportive and a source of great inspiration for the budding artistes of Assam. We shared our love, be it for hip hop or for our Assam,” said a choked Maan.

Condoling Chinmoy’s death, hip hop artiste Memo Sarkar said, “He is one of the pioneers of Assamese rap. He inspired a lot of aspiring talents. He will always be remembered and alive in our hearts and souls.”

Rapper Abhishek Mukherjee aka Van M shared that Chinmoy will continue to inspire rappers and musicians even after his death. “Gone too soon…I have listened to his tracks and I loved them. But unfortunately, we couldn’t share any personal connection. It’s a great loss,” said Van M.

Van M also shared a personal obituary which he has written for Chinmoy exclusively with us. Here it is:

Mugdho sob Axomiya chinmoyr xuni gaan
Bhoba nai xopunotu ai din j dekhi pam
Khabar tu xuni aji boi ahil sokolu mur
Keneke nimixote xex hoi gol xokolu bur
Xuni moi mriyomaan oi nisthur bhogobaan
Nithorua xei maakjonile vabi sa sun okomaan
Kandise usupise xudhise muk kothabur
Keneke koi diu moi ghuri nahe lora tur BHOYATUR matri prem dekhi bhogowaano bhoyatur mur
Xobdobur bhim aji bhogowaan jen bokaxur
matrir binoni eya mur mathu kothaxur
matrir binoni eya mur mathu kothaxur
Chinmoyok naam dilu moi Axomiya Tupac
Kostor folote toi podum holi bukat
Biyug hol tur hothath xuni palu aghat
Pise amar holi toi xeye nokoru moi bixaad
Rest in peace Chinmoy
Rest in peace