Watch Video: When Kiren Rijiju Tried His Hand At Cooking Naga Food

The Union Minister tried cooking an ethnic Naga food inside one of the many Morungs set up at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama


When in Rome, do as the Romans do – remember the popular adage? Well, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju followed the saying in toto during his visit to the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland.

Mesmerised by the rich and vibrant culture of the Naga people displayed at the Festival, Rijiju shared several photographs and videos on social networking site Twitter.

Amongst all the photographs, one that caught the attention of the tweeps is where the Union Minister is seen sitting near a traditional fireplace, stirring a pot of meat, with assorted food items surrounding him, in addition to a piece of meat hanged above the hearth.  

Following the spirit of ‘When in Nagaland, do as the Nagas do’, the Union Minister tried his hand at cooking an ethnic Naga food inside one of the many Morungs set up at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama. 

The netizens appreciated the Minister and demanded to “taste the curry”. ” Sir! Curry seems to be tasty. Want to taste. Really honor your simple lifestyle Thanks Sir,” wrote one user.

Apart from enjoying local food and liquor, the Union Minister also interacted with the local folk troupes and entrepreneurs.

Rijiju attended the 7th day of the Festival at Kisama Heritage Village in Nagaland on December 7th, 2019. The Union Minister said that the Hornbill Festival has become a symbol of the Nagas and the Northeast.

“The Hornbill Festival celebrates the spirit of the rich cultural heritage of the Naga people,” Rijiju said during the ‘Cultural Connect’ at the Festival.

Mentioning that it was a memorable day for him, Rijiju tweeted, ” It is rightly termed as “Festival of Festivals”. The HORNBILL FESTIVAL is a magnificent event initiated to revive, protect, sustain, and promote the richness of the Naga heritage and traditions. It’s a perfect delight for any visitor!.”

The Hornbill Festival termed as the ‘Festival of Festivals’ showcases the cultural mosaic of Nagaland. The festival which celebrates colour and vibrancy of all the tribes encourages inter-tribal interaction giving a glimpse of Naga life.

All the tribes and sub-tribes of Nagaland come together to the foothills of Mount Japfü wherein lies Naga Heritage Village, Kisama – the venue of the Festival. 

Photo credit: @KirenRijiju