Watch: Manipur Nagas Sing In Solidarity For Coronavirus-Hit China


Manipur expressed its solidarity for China for battling the deadly Coronavirus outbreak at one of the biggest festivals of the Nagas– Lui Ngai Ni 2020. A special song was dedicated to the people of Wuhan the epicentre of the outbreak and the country as a whole so that they hold together till the mayhem is over.

A song named ‘China Be Strong’ was performed by legendary folk musician and singer from Manipur– Guru Rewben Mashangva. The lyrics of the song written by Ngachonmi Chamroy reads—On the empty streets of Wuhan fear and despair roam wearing the face of Coronavirus today…… We are with you.. China be strong.. Be strong Wuhan”.

It may be mentioned that the death toll in China due to the virus has surpassed 1770 today infecting more people as few Northeastern alleged of facing “racial discrimination” in the country.

A major festival among the tribes of Manipur, Lui-Ngai-Ni champions the Naga culture and heritage. The word Lui-Ngai-Ni means seed sowing, which forms the root of the festival. It usually takes place between 14 and 15 February during the commencement of the spring season.

This rural festival is intended to bring together the many tribes of Naga people in the state.

Traditions of Lui Ngai Ni

This is an occasion for the many tribes that make up the Naga in Manipur to come together and showcase their rich cultural heritage and strengthen the bond of Naga solidarity.

Though the traditions of the festival are based on age-old spring customs practised by almost all of the Naga tribes, the festival of Lui Ngai Ni was established in the mid-1980s to give the Naga people a ‘national festival’ It has been a state holiday in Manipur since 1998.


Stay Strong Wuhan

Stay Strong WuhanStay Strong ChinaWe Are With YouNagas from Manipur, India express solidarity with the suffering of Wuhan, China during their biggest festival celebration of Lui-Ngai-Ni 2020 at Ukhrul, Manipur, India. Singer & Music: Guru Rewben Mashangva Lyrics: Ngachonmi Chamroy

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