UN Chief Antonio Guterres Expresses Concern Over Muslims Turning ‘Stateless’ Due To CAA

There is a risk of statelessness for the two million people, mostly of Muslim origin excluded by the Citizenship Amendment Act: UN Chief


Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, UN’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has expressed concern for the Muslims in India.

The UN Chief who was in a 4-day tour in Pakistan commented on the newly enacted Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) by the Indian government which gives citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of its three neighbouring countries- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

He said that he was personally concerned about the discrimination against minorities in India.

“The present UN high commissioner has been quite active in relation to this situation like many others because there is a risk of statelessness created by those nationality laws. It is absolutely essential that when nationality law is changed, statelessness is prevented,” Guterres was quoted as saying by a Pakistani media outlet Dawn Today.

He added that “there is a risk of statelessness” for the two million people, mostly of Muslim origin excluded by the divisive Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the Indian parliament.

While speaking about the Jammu and Kashmir scenario, the UN Chief highlighted the reports brought by various human rights bodies and said that it is “essential to fully respect human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

Photo Credit: Facebook