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    This Woman E-Rickshaw Driver From Upper Assam Has An Inspirational Journey!


    Duliajan, June 18, 2019

    Breaking barriers and overcoming patriarchy Swarna Gogoi Chetia from Upper Assam’s Duliajan, an industrial town in Dibrugarh district is setting an example of how to shatter the glass ceiling.

    The Duliajan woman took up driving as a profession in 2015 and embraced her identity as an e-rickshaw driver. Fighting all the criticism and setbacks Swarna knows how to be resilient, brave and strong. Mother to two she has been balancing her profession and family with zeal and confidence.

    “In the year 2015, one day my husband came and told me he can’t continue to support the family only by selling vegetables. We decided to buy one e-rickshaw for a better living. But all was not well in the initial days as we got many warnings,” said Chetia recounting her early days.

    She further shared that running her family is her only driving force. “Looking at my children and thinking about their future I decided to drive the e-rickshaw way back in 2015, I have been driving for the last four years now, and there has been no turning back since then,” she added.

    Sharing her day’s schedule Chetia said that every day she wakes up at around 4 am and takes out her vehicle for business. “Sometimes business is good some days it is bad. I save enough to run the family. Now we are leading a life of fewer worries and there are no financial constraints,” she said.

    She further called on women to follow their dreams and live life on their own terms.

    “I challenged the societal stereotypes and this has made other women in our society to come out and take responsibilities and this makes me happy and gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction,” said Chetia.

    TIME8 salutes the spirit of Swarna Gogoi Chetia. She is the first woman driver from Duliajan.


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