This Visually Impaired Couple From Assam Will Make You Believe In Love

This inspirational story will make you fall in love all over again


Someone said, “A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul and helps you embark on your self-discovery journey.” And when love is real it finds a way to reach their destination, isn’t it?

This has been proved correct by a Jorhat based couple. Their love is not the reel love tales where the girl is rescued by a knight rider falling in love with her physical beauty but scripts a mindful bond. Their souls are ignited with the language of music striking the right chord.

Narayan Nath and Beauty Baruah Nath fell in love with each other when they met at a blind school. And years later they decided to tie the knot and get old together. The couple is deeply in love with each other unfettered by the background noise of the colloquial society set standards of love and romance. They are married for 7 years now and in these years their selfless love and care has only multiplied.

“I cannot see him but I can feel him. I actually fell in love with his voice. He spills magic in his music and that’s when I knew I wanted to listen to him every day.” Beauty said.

“We have been supporting each other all these years. Music is the only livelihood.” She added.

Carrying a pair of hand cymbals and Nagara drum, the couple walks to the town every day for street performances. “We visit the town area, Sahitya Sabha sessions to perform and earn our livelihood. We accept whatever the crowd has to offer and take it as a blessing. We are happy with our life” the husband added.

In a world of materialism, this love story will inspire you to recall old school love.

Inputs & Photo: Ritu Raj Phukan