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Friday, August 5, 2022

    This Viral Love Story Of #JEC’s Arnab-Aastha Will Melt Your Heart


    নাম্ কি? (What is your name)
    : আস্থা।(Aastha)
    : তোমাৰ নাম নে তুমি জন্ম হোৱা Nursing Home খনৰ নাম? (Is this your name or name of the nursing home where you were born?)
    : মোৰ নাম। (It’s my name)
    : Interesting.

    Monosyllables. Random. A short, nonchalant conversation between a senior and a junior during a college admission marks the beginning of a whirlwind of emotions in the lives of Arnab and Aastha.

    Their story begins when a nervous and anxious Aastha visits the Jorhat Engineering College (JEC) for admission. Exposed to a new environment, confused and uncertain Aastha meets Arnab, a final year student of Computer Science, while waiting for her turn at the admission fee counter.

    The love story of Arnab and Aastha – both students of Assam’s JEC –  has caught the attention of social media users recently. Their story has captivated the hearts, with many claiming that it has also restored their faith in “old school romance”.

    Indranee Sharma, an alumnus of the JEC and currently a Software Engineer with IBM India, has set the internet on fire after writing about Arnab-Aastha’s fictional love story that sounds like a real-life fairytale. The stories tugged at our heartstrings, all because they revolve around the most important emotion in the world: love.

    Indranee, who originally hails from Sivasagar district of Assam, has till now published twenty-one short chapters of the viral Arnab-Aastha love story. She posted the chapters, written in Assamese, on Facebook and also on her personal blog.

    The screenshots of the chapters with hashtag #JEC are now going viral on social media platforms with lovey-dovey netizens pleading the writer to upload the next chapter at the earliest.

    “The characters of my story are very simple. To create great characters in a story, the creator also needs to be great, which I am definitely not. I don’t want Arnab-Aastha to become anyone’s idol,” wrote Indranee on Facebook.

    Indranee beautifully captured the essence of hopelessness, foreverness, the art of waiting, longing, despair and the varied emotions of love in her story. The relatable characters, dialogues got the netizens hooked with some even comparing the love story of Arnab and Aastha with noted artist Neel Pawan Barua and singer Dipali Borthakur.

    However, Indranee doesn’t agree. “18-year-old Aastha has not seen anything in life…neither the harsh realities and the concept of radical feminism, nor behavioural realism. I welcome the criticism but comparing Arnab-Aastha’s love story with Neel-Dipali will be like dishonouring the ‘eternal love’,” she said.

    Till then, waiting for the next chapter!


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