This Assam Entrepreneur Has Reinvented Our Favourite Cup Of Tea

    One needs to only pour hot water into the cup, leave it on for 2 minutes for infusion and the tea is ready to be served


    For the people of Assam, chai (tea) is much more than a beverage, it’s an emotion. Be it the humid summers or the bone-chilling winters, it is a hot cup of tea that can keep us perked-up at different intervals during the day.

    Entrepreneur across the country now are hitting the ground to bringing variety to our aromatic cuppa. Thinking on similar lines, Rahul Dutta, an entrepreneur from Sivasagar district in Assam has taken our love for tea to a whole new level. His brand, Gamoosa has come up with Instant Tea Cups – a perfect takeaway for the busy bees.

    The Gamoosa Instant Tea offers unique experiences in several flavours. The best part about the tea is that you just need hot water and nothing else. The instant tea is available in handy disposable cups which comes in four different sizes to suit the individual requirements.

    “We have exclusively used food-grade materials in making these teacups. The infusion layer used in the cups has been approved by the FDA. The product has also been certified by the FSSAI,” said Rahul while talking to Time8.

    The young entrepreneur further informed that the brand Gamoosa was founded over a casual chat with friends. “I believe our brand has what it takes to compete with any international brand. The Gamoosa deals mainly in ethnic tea, Assam silk wear, bamboo craft, ethnic spices, jewellery and many more,” he added. The brand was launched in 2016 and the Gamoosa Instant Tea was introduced in 2017.

    Fresh organic green/black tea are packed in these cups with an infusion layer that holds the tea granules at the bottom. One needs to only pour hot water into the cup, leave it on for 2 minutes for infusion and the tea is ready to be served. It’s completely hassle-free and the best on the go drink option.

    “Currently, we have nine indigenous varieties of flavoured tea which are completely natural and in line with the Tea Board Regulations. Apart from their palatable and invigorating quality, these varieties come packed with health benefits because of their quintessential herbal content like chamomile, hibiscus and nettle lemongrass,” Rahul shared.

    Currently available in Guwahati and Sivasagar, the entrepreneur along with the co-founder Debahuti Dutta is looking to expand further and to promote the Instant Tea Cups. The innovative Instant Tea has also won them a seat for incubation at Assam Startup.

    Photo credit: Rahul Dutta