Surya Concretec Celebrates Bhogali Bihu with Tiwa King, Community Members in Morigaon


Surya Concretec, the popular cement brand of Northeast recently celebrated Bhogali Bihu with the Tiwa King and other members of the Tiwa community Morigaon’s Ouzari village with pomp and gaiety.

The ‘Surya Concretec – Bhogalir Ekhaaj’ was organized in the paddy fields of Ojari. A traditional bhela ghar, mejis were set up to mark the authentic celebrations. Tiwa King, Tulsi Chamsor graced his royal presence along with his family. He was given a traditional welcome at the event. The Tiwa community made sure to felicitate the guests along with the entire team of Surya Concretec with the traditional Tiwa Gamocha also known as Fali.

Eminent Assamese singer Rakesh Reeyan enthralled the crowd with his hit tracks. The crowd equally responded to his tunes. Dance groups, music troupes belonging to ethnic tribes and communities also joined the celebrations.

Amid the fanfare and merriment, a grand feast was organized for the evening with a plethora of Tiwa dishes.

“We are privileged to get the opportunity to celebrate Bhogali Bihu, the largest harvest festival of Assam with the Tiwa King and the Tiwa community of Morigaon district.” said Madhur Agarwal, Managing Director, Surya Concretec.

“We at Surya Pariwar, firmly believe in conserving the ethnic traditions of all the tribes and communities of Assam and our involvement in this festival – Bhogalir Ekhaaj was one such example of our commitment.” he added.

Photo: TIME8