Stay Indoors: Assam Guv Appeals To People

Governor Mukhi asked the residents to stay away from rumour mongers and fake news


Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi appealed to all residents to show their solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to a three-week nationwide lockdown to break the vicious chain of infection induced by the novel coronavirus (COVID-10).

The Governor also urged upon all to resolutely follow social confinement  till April 14th, 2020 and lend their efforts to save the country from the scourge of COVID- 19. 

Mukhi also observed that the global outbreak of COVID- 19, a novel strain of corona virus has had  its cascading effect on the health of humanity.

Referring to Prime Minister Modi’s request to people to abjure their movement outside their homes for 21 days and his reiteration that if they cannot give their 21 days, the nation would  go back by 21 years, the Governor urged upon the people to follow the lockdown and thus render their duties towards the nation.

“And if they still violate, the Government shall be compelled to take stern action against the violators,” Mukhi said.

The Governor also said that when the government has put in place a system to push unhindered supply of essential commodities and medicines, the public should maintain adequate personal distance while going out to buy them.

Governor Mukhi also asked the residents  to stay away from rumour mongers and fake news. He at the same time advised people to consult doctors before taking any medicine.

The Governor also appreciated people’s active adoption of confinement during the lockdown period to pay their respects to the scores of medical and support personnel who braving the vicious chain of virus infection are working day in and day out to save the humanity from the infection. He also asked those elements who are violating the rules to conform to the lockdown for the greater interests of society at large.

He also appealed to people to pray for the welfare of those who are working nonstop to keep their immediate neighborhoods and the local community sanitized. He also hailed the tireless demeanour of the journalists who are working on 24X7 basis against the back drop of this life-threatening situation to bring forth accurate news and views.

Governor also appreciated the selfless service of scores of security personnel and government servants and social orgnaizations involved in the same mission. He also appreciated the social organizations who have come up to provide food to the needy and daily wage earners.

Mukhi also asked all the concerned officials of Government of Assam, the various central agencies serving in Assam and all volunteers and workers of social, religious and political organizations to put their men and materials on active  duty to encourage the people around to adopt adequate precautions.

He further stated that everyone should work in unison to tackle the situation. “With adequate precautions, safety measures and personal hygiene, we can overcome the challenge posed by   COVID- 19,” the Governor claimed.

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