Show Cause Served To 2 Principals In Hailakandi For Violating SEBA Guidelines

Both the principals have been asked to reply to the show cause within three days


Show cause notices have been served to two principals in Hailakandi district of Assam for allegedly not conforming to the guidelines issued by the Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) for free and fair conduct of High School Leaving Certificate and Assam High Madrassa examinations. 

Inspector of Schools and District Examination Officer, Rajiv Kumar Jha informed that show-cause notice has been served to the principal, Govt VMHS School, Abdul Quyum Barbhuiya for engaging invigilators from private schools instead of teachers from government or provincialised schools in flagrant violation of SEBA guidelines.

It has also been alleged that the question paper packets were opened in the confidential room and not in the examination halls whereas signatures were obtained from the examinees in the examination halls itself. Moreover, answer booklets were reportedly distributed in all the examination halls without obtaining the signature of centre in-charge and seal of the centre.

On all these counts, Jha served show cause to Barbhuiya and asked him to reply as to why disciplinary action should not be initiated against him under Rule 9 of the Assam Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1964 read with Article 311 and Rule 7 of the aforesaid rules. 

The second show-cause notice was served to the principal, Algapur Public HS School, Nasiruddin Laskar by Inspector of Schools, Jha. Several charges were levelled against him for “maintaining stoic silence and not taking action against the president, SMDC for obstructing the SOs from performing their assigned duties”.

Laskar was also charged for not taking any appropriate action despite confiscation of copying materials by the flying squads coupled with students gossiping and invigilators remaining inactive. Besides, the examination halls are not properly lit with unhygienic conditions prevailing. 

Both the principals have been asked to reply to the show cause within three days. 

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