Sanatan Deka Murder: One More Person Arrest By Hajo Police

Earlier on Monday two other accused were arrested

Photo: Time8

One more person accused of the Sanatan Deka murder case has been arrested by the police on Sunday late night.

The arrested person has been identified as Abdul Jalil. However, two are still absconding and the police are on a lookout for them.

Earlier two were arrested who were identified as Faizul Haque and Eyusuf Uddin Ahmed.

On Sunday it was reported that a vegetable vendor named Sanatan Deka was allegedly beaten up to death by five men just because, Deka accidentally hit their car. The incident had first lead to a heated argument and later into a “murder”.

The accused have been apprehended in connection with Hajo PS case (no. 480/2020) under section 120(B)/302 of the IPC.

The incident had gone viral on the social media and netizens across the state have been demanding justice for the poor vendor.

However, some allegations have been there that some people are trying to create a communal issue out of the incident.

Speaking on the issue, Assam Director General of Police, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said that there is a section in the society which is trying to communalize the entire issue. “I urge those people to not turn this incident by putting a communal narrative”, he added.