Retd Army Official Accused Of Feral Horse Smuggling In Dibru Saikhowa

The retired personnel was accused of being involved in a case where six horses belonging were being allegedly smuggled to Guwahati from National Park

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The retired lieutenant colonel, Ashutosh Tripathi was alleged of being involved in smuggling of feral horses at the Dibru Saikhowa National Park will be named as the prime accused in the forest department’s Final Offence Report as he has not responded or showed up in front of investigating officers despite two summons being served to him.

Tinsukia wildlife division, DFO Rajendra Singh Bharti speaking to Time8 said, “We served him two summon so that we could question him on the alleged crime but he failed to show up. Now we will be filing him as the prime accused of the case in our Final Offence Report.”

A forest source said Tripathi is the prime suspect in a case where six feral horses were allegedly smuggled from Dibru-Saikhowa National Park to a Polo Club in Guwahati on March 2. The horses were rescued from Makum bypass in Tinsukia district and four persons were arrested. There are even allegations of him being involved in several other such offences.

The source added that Tripathi lives in Guwahati and is into hospitality business now. He even applied for pre-arrest bail on May 29 but it was turned down by the Gauhati High Court.

After perusal of the case diary and hearing, the Gauhati HC refused to grant him the pre-arrest bail stating that in the present situation there is not enough ground to believe that the accused is not likely to commit any offence, while on bail.