Odd-Even Rule Imposed In Guwahati, Only Even-Numbered Vehicles Allowed Today

The Guwahati Police till Friday morning have seized over 2700 two-wheelers


The Guwahati Police has imposed odd-even format for vehicles in the city so that the traffic during the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can be minimized.

ADGP Law and Order, GP Singh informed that the odd-even rule will be effective will Sunday, April 12th, 2020.

He added that odd-even is for all vehicles including two-wheelers and vehicles having passes. However, vehicles belonging to the health sector, media, water supply services, government officials in government vehicles and full-body trucks used for unloading of essential commodities at Railway yards will be exempted from this restriction.

On Friday, only even-numbered vehicles will be allowed to move. On Saturday, only odd-numbered vehicles will be allowed while on Sunday, even-numbered vehicles will be allowed. The number is decided by the end number of a vehicle’s registration plate.

This decision was taken to prevent unwarranted traffic congestion during the lockdown. The police have restricted the movement of all the private vehicles in during the lockdown and only vehicles with passes are being allowed.

Apart from this, the people who are engaged in the delivery services of essential goods will have to take permission from the police to do so.

The Guwahati Police so far have filed over 1200 non-FIR case against people who have violated the lockdown norms and have detained 2717 two-wheelers, 20 three-wheelers and 240 four-wheelers. Along with this, Rs 11.91 lakh fines were also issued to the violators.

Photo Credit: @smitaranideka