‘Not A Single Rhino Killed In Orang National Park In 2018-19’

Around five 5.5 rifles have been seized from the 30 nabbed poachers


The hunt for rhinos in the Orang National Park(ONP) has taken a back seat as there are no reports of fresh rhino killing in the park for a year.

A forest official deployed at the park informed TIME8 that the poaching of rhino has lessened in the park and that a total of 30 rhino poachers were nabbed last year.

“Not a single rhino has been killed in the past 1 year and at least 30 rhino poachers were nabbed with the help of Darrang and Sonitpur police,” said Pranjit Deka, forest official, ONP.

The official further informed that around five 5.5 rifles were seized from the poachers.

Established as a sanctuary in 1985 the ONP was declared a national park on April 13th, 1999. The park is nearly 150km from Guwahati and is the only stronghold of rhinoceros on the north bank of the Brahmaputra river. Apart from being home to different species of animals more than 50 species of fish have been recorded in the river and channels flowing through the park.

Photo: Riki Das