Things Every Khati Guwahatian Will Relate To

If you are missing Guwahati, then these things will resonate with the loyal Guwahatian in you


Nestled between the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra and the foothills of the Shillong plateau, the sprawling city of Guwahati is the fastest growing commercial hub of the country’s Northeast region.

This city is ever welcoming and full of affinity. Mobile food stalls, glitzy malls, narrow lanes, flash flood, roadside vendors, uber-cool pubs, book cafes, swanky cars, traffic jams, pollution…there are umpteen reasons to love it and hate it.

If you are in any other part of the city at this moment, eating sushi but longing for laal saah (black tea) and pitha (rice cake), then these things will resonate with the loyal Guwahatian in you:

Always ‘Khali’ City Buses

Khali gari, khali gari (seats vacant)…does it ring a bell? Yes of course. We have all travelled in overcrowded city buses even though the conductor promised us a khali gari.  Before we were introduced to the GPS, bus stoppages used to be our landmark spots to meet friends.

ALL EARS: All that glitters at Fancy Bazar. Photo credit: Tenzin Dondup

‘Ekso’ ‘Ekso’ At Fancy Bazar

Ekso, ekso, madam ekso, ekso (Rs 100, Madam). Those glittery malls are good but Fancy Bazar is pure love. Especially for college-going students, with limited pocket money, Fancy Bazar is apki apni dukan (your own shop). You can bargain, fight for the ‘right’ price, give an unwarranted piece of advice to the shopkeeper and also win the custody battle for the item! Things you don’t get online and in the high-end malls, you will find those in the narrow lanes here – the hub of all commercial interests in the city. This market is Delhi’s Sarojini.

Dating At Dighalipukhuri

Dighalipukhuri has its own old-world charm which makes it one of the most celebrated hang out ‘dating’ places in the city. Couple and friends must have visited Dighalipukhuri once in their lifetime. The flock of ducks taking a swift swim and the soft breeze that blows makes this place special, romantic and nostalgic.

POSE PERFECT: A girl clicking a selfie at Dighalipukhuri. Photo: Time8

One Plate Pork Please!

We love our plate of pork be it with lai pat (mustard leaf), til (sesame) or bamboo shoot. Our menu is incomplete without a plate of pork. Don’t tell me you didn’t taste pork pura (smoked pork) yet from ‘Gogoi’s Pork’?

Chandmari Bridge

Situated towards the eastern side of the city, the Chandmari Bridge is one of the most popular adda (hangout) spots for the youngsters. The sunset, the changing colours of the sky, sweet breeze…the setting is perfect to share tales of joy and sorrow with your friends. So when in doubt, Chandmari jau bol (Let’s go to Chandmari).

Momo Ghar & Reboti

The city has numerous eateries which serve hot-steaming momos. But ‘Momo Ghar’ is an emotion.  Located at Ambari, ‘Momo Ghar’ is the first food joint to introduce those delicious dumplings that taste like heaven with some ketchup or coriander chutney.  

Also, who can forget about the famous Reboti Chat House in Pan Bazaar? The name is synonymous with Chicken Chowmein. We all have been there at some point before we graduated to Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and other posh hotels.


Zubeen Rocks

Chartbuster singers will come and go but Zubeen is evergreen. Heartbreaks and breakups are earth-shattering. And when it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest or split in two, Zubeen’s songs come into rescue just like Zandu balm. His soulful renditions are the band-aid to the broken hearts and also a good starter for the lovey-dovey. The songs which inspire you to let go and move on. Let’s play Mayabini ratir bukot and queue up next Aami aami jen jantra. He speaks our lingo, bro.


One shower for a few minutes and the city turns into a mini island. Flash flood throws life out of gear in no times. We curse, post ‘Smart City’ photos blaming the authorities. With times, we have also aced the skill of wading through surged water. But when the sun shines bright, it is also us who Instagram photos of our city boasting of its beauty. The city looks surreal from GMCH Hill Top, isn’t it?

Long weekend? Shillong Jau bol!

Remember singer Priyanka Bharali’s hit number Taxi gari loi jaam Shillong t.  The capital of Meghalaya is our go-to place for all reason and season. Ward’s Lake, Shillong View Point, Elephant Falls, Umium lake, Mary Help Of Christians Cathedral…just like the famous Goa trip, we all have planned a Shillong trip once in our life with our friends.

Guwahati is not perfect just like our lives. A lot of us leave to explore life outside the ‘small box’. But the city welcomes well with open arms, reminds you of comfort and ‘happy endings’. The city reminds us to appreciate small things in life.

If you have any story to tell about Guwahati, do share it with us.

Feature photo credit: Wikipedia