Martyrs’ Families Will Not Forgive Sonowal: Barsha Rani Bishaya

The act is “anti-Assam” and is a threat to the Assamese identity: Barsha Rani Bishaya


Popular Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishaya who has been actively taking part in the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) protests in Assam on December 30th, 2019 reached Morigaon district and addressed an All Assam Students Union public meeting.

“We are confident that we will turn victorious in this fight to save our identity. CAA will be withdrawn. But the Assamese community will never forgive you(Sonowal led BJP govt) for the loss of the five young lives which has cast a shallow shadow to the mother’s enduring grief” she said.

“It might be very easy for the concerned authorities to shoot down a person but they are life as Samujjal da says. It takes 9 months time to form a human life and the mother with her unconditional love puts her kid on priority for his/her growth. And in a fragment of seconds, five of them were killed just to disperse the crowd and you ask us what was your fault?” the actress questioned.

The actress further roared against the “anti-Assam” act and added that it will “diminish the Assamese identity” fearing citizenship to the people from Bangladesh.

After the Bill was cleared by the Union Cabinet, protests have intensified in Assam with a large section of people, civil organisations and students’ bodies opposing the Bill. The agitators said that the Bill goes against the spirit of secularism and will nullify the provisions of the historic 1985 Assam Accord, which fixed March 24th, 1971, as the cut-off date to identify illegal foreigners.

It may be mentioned that earlier several pictures of Bishaya surfaced on the internet as netizens trolled her for her stand against CAA. Some even questioned her on “wearing western clothes” and speaking for the people of Assam.

“You are no one to tell me what attire to wear I know what to wear in a party or at a social event. Whatever I wear I get dressed up from home in front of my parents. I am not afraid of anyone” she said.

Photo Credit: @BarshaRaniBishaya(L), @SarbanandaSonowal(R)