Magic On Loom: Jorhat Woman Weaves Entire Sankardev’s Gunamala

Jyoti Bora Dutta from Upper Assam's Jorhat has woven the entire book of Gunamala on her loom


Someone must have rightly quoted ‘Work on your dreams to make it a reality’… as a woman from Upper Assam’s Jorhat district has apparently woven her dreams into existence.

Jyoti Bora Dutta of Charingia Gaon Panchayat in Jorhat district had a dream of weaving the entire book of Assamese saint and polymath Srimanta Sankaradev’s Gunamala on her cottage loom and after a year of hard work and dedication, Mrs Dutta has come out with flying colours.

She has woven out the entire book in her loom on Assam Tassar Silk(Toss Muga) in a year. The journey which was started last year in January brings a cry of joy after she managed to complete the task this year.

Dutta mentions that she was backed by her family which made way towards achieving her dream weave. While her husband made sure that the spellings of the words are woven correct, her son brought all the weaving materials and her daughter helped her in the household chores.

Gunamala is a scripture written by Srimanta Sankaradev within one night at the request of Koch king Naranarayan in 1552. It is an abridged version of the Bhagawat Purana captured in racy, rhyming and sonorous verses. It poet recounts many incidents from Lord Krishna’s life.

The book was translated into English for the first time in 1923 by Benudhar Rajkhowa and subtitled it as ‘Garland of Praises’ in verse. The English translation of this book in prose subtitled as ‘Garland of Virtues’ was released on April 7th, 2013.

Photo Credit: TIME8