‘Insulted’ By Teacher, Student Ends Life In Lakhimpur

The Class IX student committed suicide at his grandmother’s house in Siyajuli


At a time when the air of festivity has gripped the people of Assam, a student hanged self on October 4th, 2019 in Lakhimpur. The tragic incident took place in Siyajuli Mazgaon.

As per information available, the Class IX student took the drastic step after being “insulted” by his school teacher.

“He was unable to bear the mental torture and humiliation anymore. After the school got over, he came to his grandmother’s house and hanged self in school uniform,” said a local.

The family members of the student alleged that he was “tortured physically and mentally” by one of his school teachers due to a “small mistake”.

A pall of gloom has descended on the region. “We want justice. There should be a proper inquiry,” said a family member.

Photo credit: Time8