Indian Army Pilot Killed On Birthday As Helicopter Crashes In Bhutan

The wreckage of the chopper has been located by the rescue team


Two pilots were killed on September 27th, 2019 after their chopper crashed in Eastern Bhutan. One was from the Bhutanese Army identified as Captain Kalzang Wangdi and another was from the Indian Army identified as Lieutenant Colonel Rajneesh Parmar. Pamar had his birthday today.

According to media reports, the Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT)’s Cheetah was enroute from Arunachal to Bhutan’s Yongfulla when the chopper with the two pilots on board crashed into a hill in the afternoon hours of Friday.

The helicopter was about to have a landing in Yongfulla but crashed into a hill near Khentongmani.

At around 1 pm the helicopter went out of radio and visual contact and soon rescue operations were launched. The wreckage of the chopper was located soon.

Photo: TIME8