This Diwali, Burst Firecrackers For Only 2 Hours In Guwahati

A total of 20 places have been identified in Guwahati to sell firecrackers

Firecrackers. Photo credit: Huffpost India

In view of Diwali and ensuing noise and air pollution, the Kamrup Metropolitan District Administration has issued advisory on bursting of firecrackers based on guidelines set up the Supreme Court.

Bursting of crackers in Guwahati will be allowed from 8 pm to 10 pm. This year, the Supreme Court of India gave the state governments the flexibility to choose a time slot for bursting firecrackers, however, maintaining its earlier order of allowing it for only two hours on festival days.

In addition to that, the decibel limit is fixed for the firecrackers at a maximum of 125D13. The order further said that the sell of crackers is to be done only by licensed cracker sellers.

A copy of the order. Photo: Time8

Flying squads have been formed under the Guwahati Police Crime branch to keep a check on vendors violating the restriction placed on the selling of firecrackers in the city.  A total of 20 places have been identified in Guwahati to sell firecrackers.

The Central Guwahati police have prohibited the use of fireworks, bursting of crackers within a 500-meter radius from the Guwahati Refinery, Noonmati.

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