I Am Enjoying The Attention I Am Getting Over The Past Few Days: Pradyut Bordoloi

Some unidentified persons have been putting up posters in Nagaon town claiming that the MP was missing


After unidentified persons pasted posters claiming that Nowgong constituency’s MP, Pradyut Bordoloi has been missing since lockdown, the MP on Sunday said that he is enjoying the attention he has been getting.

Pradyut Bordoloi said that he has no idea who had put up those posters but wanted the persons to know that he has been stranded in Delhi due to the lockdown but that does not mean that he had not worked for his constituency.

Bordoloi stated that he is being targeted by some people to make his image go down but those people are “unaware” that on normal days he visits the constituency every now and then. “Those persons might have turned a blind eye on my work. I was the first MP who have directly release a sum of Rs 1 crore from my funds and also I have donated two months of my salary for the wellbeing of the people in my constituency”, he added.

Bordoloi added that the people who are claiming that I am missing may are not aware that there were no mode of transportation from Delhi to Assam. “I was in Delhi for the parliamentary session when the sudden lockdown was announced”, he added.

The MP further stated that the people also need to know that the BJP MPs were brought back into the state through a chartered filed and the money for these plane was spent from the government funds. “This apparently means that the government has spent public money to bring back the BJP MPs to the state”, he added.

Bordoloi informed that now that the flights have resumed he will be coming back to Assam on Tuesday and then will go into quarantine as per government norms.