Guwahati Traffic Police Soon To Make Radio Announcements On Traffic Scenario

This will help most people plan their daily journey as commuters usually listen to the radio while commuting


Guwahati Traffic Police might soon announce real-time traffic updates in the city on the radio to facilitate commuters an easy way to plan their journey.

Mayank Kumar Jha, DCP-Traffic, Guwahati said that the traffic branch might soon take initiatives to make radio announcements about the real-time traffic updates in Guwahati so that people remain update of the regular traffic scenario. This will help daily commuters to know about the routes that might be under congestion or that might be closed due to various reasons and help them to plan their journey accordingly.

“We are taking several measures in the city to maintain traffic congestions. We have taken initiatives to stop people from parking their vehicles on service lanes of flyovers as well”, he added.

He added, “Since most commuters listen to radio during their journeys and it with radio announcements it will be an easier thing to manage the traffic issues in the city as people will be aware.”

Photo Credit: Guwahati Traffic Police