‘Gives Me Hope’: Netizens Cheer 9-Year-Old Child’s Art On CAA Protests

The child brought together a diverse group of people in one frame to express the spirit of CAA protests in the country


While the citizens have continued to stage their deep anguish over the amended Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), protests across the country are still gaining ground over a month now as student fraternities, organizations, common men have united to express their dissent against the new legislation.

Although there are no fresh reports of any kind of violence in the country over the CAA stir, citizens now have taken the footsteps of non-violence to continue their agitation. Most of the protests are now aspects of creativity via art and culture with an expectation that their voices are heard. From writing songs, poems, videos to taking up brush and paint, the Indian democracy is taking a forward turn against CAA.

Going in the same track an anti-CAA painting of a 9-year-old child is giving “hopes” to many as his brushstrokes have painted magic sweeping away confusion of the “dark days”. Netizens hailed the child and his parents as they sang heaps for praise “super charmed” with his raw art as he could make a point with his brush.

The son of a writer and illustrator Shubhangi Chetna, Kabeer is homeschooled and had recently taken part in the anti-CAA protests in Mumbai. The kid brought together a diverse group of people in the picture and most of the characters took placards which read “Save JNU”, “Humanity First”.

Hailing the efforts of the child ‘Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge‘ (We will not show papers) fame and popular comedian and lyricist Varun Grover shared the picture on his Instagram handle and said: “Made with ink on a 2’×3′ paper by a boy who asks a lot of questions (and is lucky to have parents who answer them with compassion and trust), understands the basics of the protests, and is willing to put his time and energy and art into spreading love – this is truly inspirational.”

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Photo Credit: @ShubaChetan