‘FRIENDS’ Turns 25: M’laya Police Has A Hilarious Tweet Against Drug Menace

As 'Friends' turned 25, Meghalaya police taking a cue from the American sitcom have send across a strong message against Drug Menace


As the most popular show probably on the planet turned 25 recently, the Meghalaya police armed with its Twitter wit has this time taken a cue from the American television sitcom, ‘FRIENDS’ to send across a strong message on the ill effects of drug abuse.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, the Meghalaya police recently urged the citizens to keep away from drug abuse using hastag #SayNoToDrugs and rehashed a popular age old proverb on Friendship.

The tweet carried the caption, “How you doin’? #SayNoToDrugs #25YearsOfFriends” and the graphic of the photo read, “Friends with weed are not friends indeed.” Sending the message to keep away from such friends who encourage a person to do drugs.

Earlier, in the month of August in the lines of their campaign against drugs, the Meghalaya police made a sarcastic tweet that due to scarcity of drugs in the state, the drug peddlers were fooling their clients by selling Rasna powder. The Meghalaya Police won the hearts with their kickass witty tweet about drug addicts being ‘Rasna Ripped.’

“SCAM ALERT! *clears throat* Shillong market is so dry that peddlers are fooling their clients with Rasna(!?) Powder. If you just got ‘Rasna Ripped’ off by your drug peddler, you know where to report. Kudos to ANTF team!”. the Tweet read.

In another humour-filled tweet using, the Meghalaya Police used a dialogue of Bunty, a character in Sacred Games Season 2, parallely comparing the current condition of drug peddlers in Shillong city.

The character Bunty played by actor Jatin Sarna is seen saying in one of the episodes of the popular web series, “Yahan Parle-G khana pad raha hain kali chai mein dubokar” symbolizing the current feelings of drug peddlers.

“Ye khel hum sabse bada hain! #DrugsFreeMeghalaya,” tweeted Meghalaya Police.

Photo credit: Metro