Former MP RP Sarmah Demands Removal Of Alleged Slur Against Gorkhas In ‘Patal Lok’

Sikkim parliamentary constituency MP Indra Hang Subba has also demanded an apology from the makers of the series

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Former Tezpur MP Ram Prasad Sarmah reacting to the alleged sexual slur against a Nepali-speaking woman in a web-series known as ‘Patal Lok’, questioned the Censor Board on how did they even pass the series for streaming.

Sarmah speaking on the issue said, “The makers of the series need to learn the history of the Gorkhas and their contribution for India. If they had known this then I am sure that the makers would have never insulted the Gorkhas”, he added.

Sarmah added the makers should read about the Gorkhas before making anything on them.  “We demanded them to remove or edit the derogatory parts against Gorkhas in the series”, he added.

He added that considering the grave magnitude, he condemned the irresponsible act of the makers of the series.

A petition demanding the muting of the slur and also editing the version of the video as also been initiated.

Indra Hang Subba Member of Parliament, Sikkim Parliamentary Constituency said that he would like to extend unconditional support to the appeal made by the community through the online petition which has stressed on Amazon muting the slur, blurring the subtitles and uploading an edited version of the video along with an apology from the makers of the series and a disclaimer.”