Flyover Service Lanes Are No-Parking Zones: Guwahati Traffic Police

Traffic Police have initiated a drive against all vehicles violating parking rules


The Guwahati Traffic Police (GTP) has launched a drive against all unauthorized parked vehicles in Guwahati.

From Wednesday an extensive drive was seen on the streets of Guwahati by the traffic police against parking violators. The police have stated that all service lanes of flyovers in Guwahati are notified no-parking zones. “We’re launching drives to clear these. Request all denizens to contribute to make the traffic of our city smooth”, the GTP tweeted.

The police may impose a fine any vehicle that is found parked in a no-parking zone and even impound the particular vehicle. Major traffic congestion in the city take place due to the improper parking and in such case, the GTP has jumped into action to prevent further such ‘crime’.

Photo: Time8