Everyone to be considered as category ‘A’ patient: Meghalaya Govt

Meghalaya government took up the decision following the finding that 80 percent of the COVID 19 patients were asymptomatic.


Guwahati: Meghalaya government has decided to treat everyone in the neighbouring state as category ‘A’ patients by default unless they were tested on a continuous basis. The state government in Meghalaya took up the decision following the finding that 80 per cent of the COVID 19 patients were asymptomatic.

The health and family welfare department in Meghalaya said that it’s very important to check on any possibilities of community transmission of COVID 19 virus as large numbers of people have been returning to the state.

Sampath Kumar, Commissioner & Secretary of Health & Family Welfare Department, Meghalaya, said, “It has been observed that 80 per cent of the positive cases of Covid-19 are asymptomatic and cannot be ascertained without testing. Therefore, as a proactive approach, it would be apt to assume that everybody by default is an asymptomatic person. Everyone In the State shall be treated as category ‘A’ patients unless they are tested on a continuous basis.”

He further added, “This implies living with the assumption that every person could be an asymptomatic, mobile carrier of the virus, with a probability of transmitting the virus to others unknowingly. By assuming that everybody is an asymptomatic person, people will be more cautious and responsible for their actions and thus help in reducing the risk of community transmission.”

Kumar believed that this would encourage everyone in the state to adhere to the COVID 19 hygiene protocols strictly.   

Besides, the Meghalaya government has also decided to conduct a test on everyone coming from outside the State at the entry points and designated facilities with gold-standard RT-PCR test.

Those who are symptomatic will be tested by both RTK and RT-PCR at the entry point.

Everyone coming from outside the State will undergo quarantine for 14 days either at home, community quarantine centres, institutional quarantine centres or paid quarantine facilities.

An order issued by the health department said, “Persons who come for a short visit of up to 3 days for important government-related works will be tested with RTK test upon entering the State. Their movement will be restricted to their workspace and living space during the period of stay by strictly following the health protocols.”

Besides, drivers of vehicles carrying essential goods will be tested once every 10 days too in Meghalaya.

The neighbouring state has at least 33 positive cases of COVID 19 with one dead.

Photo credit: Google