Dirty Picture Of Clean India: A Street Filled With Garbage In Guwahati

The garbage occupies half of the road and it becomes very difficult to walk through this lane due to the filthy smell


Today is the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who is hailed as the ‘Father of the Nation’ and the crusader of a ‘Clean India’. Following his ideals, the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government launched the Swachh Bharat Mission five years back to clean up the streets of India’s cities, towns and villages.

But even after five years, we haven’t reached the first step of being called the cleanest country. A few photographs of huge garbage dumps in Haren Kalita Path, Tokobari Road in Guwahati has made things more clear and also worrisome. The photographs show piles of garbage of all kinds that might have been dumped since the past few months that too behind a Shiva Temple.

Most of the trash in the photographs were seen wrapped in plastic carry bags which Prime Minister Modi has called for a ban to start a revolution against Single-Use Plastic to save the environment.

The government has been advocating for a ‘Clean and Green Guwahati’ since the last few years and many awareness campaigns have been conducted, advertisements have been published, garbage dustbins have been set up, fines have been issued for littering and many other steps have been taken to make people realize and aware that cleanliness is an important aspect of our lives.

Though the National Green Tribunal has banned the burning of waste, it goes completely unchecked in many cities and we have taken undue advantage of this. We as citizens have successfully evaded all the messages in the last five years and later blame the government-owned municipal bodies of not cleaning the streets and roads.

Lastly, the responsibility of making a ‘Clean India’ is not only of the government but we as citizens of this country are equally responsible. If we want to be a citizen of a ‘Clean India’, we need to go a long way and mass action is the need of the hour. Keep your roads clean, like your home.

Photo credit: @smitaranideka