Cotton University Comes Out In Support Of JNU Fee Hike Protest

The student community of Assam also faces fascist tendencies of the concerned authorities at times: Cotton University Students' Union


The Cotton University on November 22nd, 2019, came out in support of the protest over fee hike in the Jawaharlal Nehru University, one of topmost university of the country.

Condemning the ‘barbarity’ over the students, the Cotton University Students’ Union said, “It is not a protest for a single university, it is a protest by students against the barbarity constrained upon them in the name of education.”

Condemning the government’s disruptive attitude towards the students, the students’ union said, “This is a matter of concern not only to the JNU students but also to the all Indian Students. At this time of alarming unrest that has shaken the nation, it is a high time for students to actively plunge into the matter and give their voice a platform. The students should need to understand that the only reason for the pontificating and the haphazard situation that is surrounding is because the most important yet often ignored sector of Indian politics is being questioned — Education, It is a question on public education, a question on the rights of the students.”

Rahul Bordoloi, the general secretary of the union, while extending sincere solidarity towards the students’ struggle in the JNU, said, “If the premier institution is suffering this nuisance then what’s next? Will it be us? It’s time to raise the voice against the oppressive element. Let’s get united and pose a bold voice against such unprecedented dominance. Long live the students’ power. Restore our educational rights. Hail the students’ unity.”

Besides, the Union also said, “Even we the student community of Assam face such fascist tendencies of the concerned authorities at times. We also experience the propensity of government in hiking fees and trying to neutralize the voice and role of students by varied means in the social podium. Education getting ignored in such a way being the priority sector is what we believe the greatest plight of the largest democracy of the world. We strongly condemn such a disruptive attitude towards students.”

Photo credit: Indian Express