Coronavirus Pandemic: India’s Confirmed Cases Climb To 114. Top 10 Points

Four new cases – one each from Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Kerala have been confirmed


With the emergence of new cases of coronavirus, the total number of COVID19-positive people in India has surged to 114 on March 16th, 2020.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that since many people are highlighting different aspects of how India is combating COVID-19, it is boosting the morale of all those at the forefront of fighting COVID-19.

The PM urged the citizens to avoid non-essential travel and minimising social outing. He assured that at all levels, various authorities are working in sync to ensure coronavirus does not spread and that no stone is being left unturned to ensure people are healthy.

He further lauded doctors, nurses, healthcare workers who are putting great efforts. He said India’s response has shown the strong spirit of our nation in such situations.

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Here are the top 10 points

  1. Four new cases – one each from Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Kerala have been confirmed. There are now a total of 114 confirmed cases in India as of today, including 13 cured and 2 reported deaths. Contact tracing activity of these positive cases has led to the identification of more than 5,200 contacts, who are kept under surveillance.
  2. The 4th batch of 53 evacuees from Iran has arrived today and is being quarantined at the Army facility in Jaisalmer. All are reported to be asymptomatic at present and are in quarantine as per protocol.
  3. Most of the cases in India are from Maharashtra, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh with 32, 23 and 12 positive cases respectively. The number of active cases in Haryana is 14 but all of them are foreign nationals. As on Monday, Delhi has seven active coronavirus cases and two people have recovered in the national capital.
  4. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare ordered the closure of all educational establishments (schools, universities etc), gyms, museums, cultural and social centres, swimming pools and theatres till March 31st, 2020. The ministry also emphasised to promote online education.
  5. Non-essential travel should be avoided; buses, trains and aeroplanes to maximize social distancing in public transport: Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.
  6. With the number of Coronavirus positive cases slowly witnessing a surge in the country, the Union Health Ministry has activated a toll-free 24×7 national helpline number – 1075 – to address all queries concerning the disease.
  7. Contact tracing activity of Coronavirus positive cases has led to the identification of over 5,200 people. They have been kept under surveillance, Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry said.
  8. Assam government has ordered the closure of tiger reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and the State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden till March 31st, 2020. The government has also suspended all permissions granted for film shootings and research works in the wildlife spots. This comes after the government decided to shut all schools, colleges, universities, movie halls, gyms and swimming pools to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
  9. Italy recorded its biggest daily death toll from the novel coronavirus, which has now claimed over 6,000 lives worldwide
  10. All wildlife parks in Maharashtra including Tadoba to be closed for tourism from March 18th to 31st, 2020. Sports arenas, bars, clubs and other recreational facilities will remain closed till March 31st, 2020 in Tamil Nadu

Photo credit: Firstpost