Check Out The Dos And Dont’s For Domestic Help In Assam

Assam till May 8th, 2020 has seen 56 confirmed COVID-19 positive cases


The Assam State Disaster Management Authority has issued a series of guidelines for the domestic helps as precautions during the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With the ongoing pandemic, the source of contamination varies and people who are supposed to move out of the houses for various reasons. In order to prevent any possible infection or contaminations of the virus, various guidelines were issued.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. The people who have hired household who comes from outside should not be allowed to come to work but at the same time he or she should be paid their monthly dues.
  2. If a household help who lives in the house itself, if they go to the market on coming back they should sanitize themselves before entering the house.
  3. Even if they stay in home itself, they should frequently sanitize themselves
  4. Further, the employers should check proper distancing between the household help and the elderly and children in the house
  5. If they show any signs of the virus infection they should be quarantined as well as be sent for medical tests and screening
  6. They should further be asked to stop the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or anything that might cause health hazards
  7. They must further sanitize themselves before coming in physical contact with children and elderly people.

Assam till May 8th, 2020 has been 56 confirmed COVID-19 positive cases which have made the entire situation in the state very alarming. In order to prevent further infections, the government is taking several initiatives.

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