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Monday, August 15, 2022

    Check Out The Awesome Ways To Beat Those Awful Monday Blues

    Need some help chasing away Monday blues? Pranati Sinha catches up with Guwahati-based psychological counsellor, Dr Kankan Sarmah and brings you tips to help you put your best foot forward to start off the week

    Are you experiencing an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, tense, sadness, stress, lack passion and motivation? Well, say hello to ‘Monday Blues’ and how deadly it sounds!

    Monday is the most dreaded day in the entire week and getting yourself to work is a daunting task after all that weekend bliss. As per studies, the ‘Monday Blues’ are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon.

    Guwahati based psychological counsellor, Dr Kankan Sarmah said, “Before Monday arrives, we have Sunday which is actually a celebration day. We go out with our families or just chill at home. Come Monday, negativity seeps in thinking that we have to go to work and this feeling brings in Monday blues. So, one of the ways to beat this negative feeling is to bring in motivation to your life.”

    “We should also keep in mind that our negativity should not spread like a contagious disease to our work-partners which will affect the entire workspace. Keeping ourselves motivated will not only increase our energy level but will also change our moods,” he added.

    To enhance our productivity, Dr Sarmah offers some food for thought to start your week with.

    Planning your week 

    Another way to beat the bad guy – Monday Blues is chalking out the entire week plan beforehand as it is beneficial for you to keep a check your productivity.

    Monday:  Studies have shown that though you might feel low in energy on this day, your productivity levels reach sky high and this is a good start to energize yourself to face the week ahead of you. Dress well and put on some upbeat music, and let it lift your mood.

    Tuesday: Eat right, hit the gym, go for a walk. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week as we finally settle down in our work and we are committed put aside all inhibitions. Boost your thought process and it will help you to go through the day.

    Wednesday and Thursday:  Though these two days of the week are moderately productive days, we should keep up with the pace and try to finish our work commitments. Call a friend, relative you haven’t spoken to for months now. Revert back to emails and messages.

    Friday: When Friday arrives we tend to slack in our work and just wait for the clock to struck the time when we can be out from the office but before heading out, try to list out the favourites of your work. This practice will dive you to keep thinking about the things you love about your work which will bring the zeal in you to give your best at work.

    Saturday and Sunday: Try to completely disconnect yourself from work during the weekends. With all your smartphones ruling your world, just shut the apps that connect you to work and go out and give that rejuvenation that your body needs. Be more organised. Make a ‘to-do list’. Plan your week well in advance.



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