Centre Urges All Sectors To Stand in Unison Against Coronavirus

It is time for public and private sectors to come together against coronavirus: Harsh Vardhan


The Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan urged the public and the private sectors to stand in unison to fight against the widespread of the novel coronavirus.

“It is time for public and private sectors to come together and work as an alliance in the spirit of collaboration and co-ordination for collective efforts towards COVID-19 management,” said Harsh Vardhan as he chaired the high-level meeting with owners and heads of private hospitals of Delhi-NCR, here today.

The minister further stated that with the collective efforts of the Central Ministries and States/UTs, ample timely precautionary measures have been taken. He also said that States continue to be on high alert regarding prevention, community surveillance and effective hospital management. The Union Health Minister stated that it is during times like these when the public and private sector can form an alliance and work towards shared goals in public interest pooling in collective resources, and building on the strengths of each other.

Besides, Vardhan stated that it was important for people to access authentic and credible sources of information. Towards this end, he has enlisted the twitter handles that are providing such information in his tweet today.

Photo credit: RSTV