Businessmen in Maligaon Bank On Flower Power To Beautify Guwahati

It could be a revolution to beautify the city and a tool to prevent littering: a passerby


In a bid to decorate the city, which was hit by violent protests against the amended Citizenship Act resulting in heavy damage, a section of businessmen in Maligaon have come forward with fervour to beautify the area.

The effort has been lauded by the city dwellers and opined it could be a revolution to beautify the city and a tool to prevent littering.

Speaking to the media persons, an aged man said, “Em.. I observed this yesterday. It really impressed me. It is definitely a move of the businessmen. It would also encourage others to do so.”

A trader of the area said, “It is a collective effort of the businessmen of the area. It does not cost more. You invest just a hundred rupee and put a flowered vest with beautiful flowers along the footpath.”

He further said that the move has benefitted in two ways. “Firstly, the footpaths have become beautiful now and secondly, people will refrain from littering the area,” he added. He further expressed hope that the people in other areas also follow the step and beautify the city.

It needs to be mentioned that the city was decorated by the government earlier to the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament. After the bill was passed by the parliament, a massive protest especially violent in some places hit the city along with some other parts of the state resulting in damage to public properties.

Photo: Time8