Bodo Rebel Outfit NDFB-S To Join Peace Talks? ABSU Welcomes ‘Peace’ Initiative

"ABSU welcomes the initiative taken by the Indian Government in bringing the armed group to mainstream"


Amid the relentless Citizenship Amendment Act protests in Assam and the Northeast, reports have surfaced that the outlawed Saoraigwra faction of National Democratic Front of Boroland, NDFB-S is about to join peace talks with the Indian government.

If reports are to be believed as many as 50 cadres of the NDFB-S left for India from their hideout in Myanmar on January 11th, 2020. They were reportedly escorted by the Indian Army from the International border to an undisclosed Army base.

Following the media reports of the NDFB-S returning to their homeland, the All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) welcomed the step of the government in bringing the “Armed Revolutionary faction to the mainstream”.

“ABSU welcomes this step taken by the Government of India in bringing them back home is a sign for sustainable peace in the region. Appreciating the government of India, ABSU would like to keep an appeal to do proper justice to the NDFB(S) and address the political issues of the Bodos with an utmost lasting solution,” stated a press communique by ABSU.

The students’ body further mentioned that the return of the “revolutionary organization for the Bodos will be welcomed for peace and harmony”.

Photo Credit: (Representative Image)