Beware Of Gold Fraudsters, Guwahati Police Tell You How They Work

Guwahati police ask you to be alert and save yourself from fraudsters out there


Fraudsters are in every nook and corner and they often lure us in buying things which are fake and our money goes for a toss.

The Guwahati police have come up with some steps to on how fraudsters work especially gold fraudsters as they recently nabbed two fraudsters with three kilograms of dummy gold from Hatigaon area. The nabbed persons used dummy gold to lure customers and defraud them. The steps are simple and it just needs some alertness in our part to avert being robbed.

Here’s the modus operandi of fraudsters –

  • The fraudster will call the target on the phone and tell the target that he has somehow found a lump of gold weighing 1/2/3 kgs.
  • He will convince the target regarding the genuineness of gold by showing a video whereby the fraudster will cut a small portion of gold from the lump.
  • Fraudsters will then deliver a similarly shaped piece of real gold to the target free of cost.
  • Target will take the gold to a jeweller and the gold will test positive. The target will believe that it is real gold.
  • Thereafter, the fraudsters will demand Rs 4-5 lakh for the entire lump of gold.
  • The target will get enticed and pay him accordingly and buy the gold lump which is actually fake and get defrauded.
  • Fraudsters will never meet the victim again.

So, the next time don’t fall in prey of these fraudsters and immediately inform the police.

Photo credit: Kampala Dispatch