Assam Zoo To Have Zebra Pair After 30 Years

Recently, the Assam State Zoo had brought in a pair of Giraffe

Photo Credit: Down to Earth

After 30 years, Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden will soon have its first zebra pair after a span of at least 30 years.

Speaking to TIME8, Zoo DFO Tejas Mariswamy said that the process is going on to bring the zebras to the zoo and by January 2021, the pair will be in Guwahati. A male and a female will be brought here and the enclosure is already prepared for them.

Mariswamy added that the zebras will be brought from Mysore Zoo in an exchange program and in return, Assam will be giving the Mysore Zoo hoolock gibbons.

This will be after 30 years that people visiting the Guwahati Zoo will see zebras.

Recently, the zoo had brought in a couple of giraffes. There were no giraffes in the zoo since 2011.

After the zebras come into the zoo, it will be turned into something similar to an African concept or as a habitat. Since giraffes, zebras and ostriches co-exist in African lands, the zoo officials will keep all the three species together in a special enclosure gimmicking the grasslands and woodlands of Africa.

Since the Assam State Zoo for a long time has been concentrating on a habitat-specific concept, the authorities are now planning to keep the African animals in the same enclosure so that it becomes more natural for the three species.

Assam Zoo has a huge variety of animal species which also includes some endangered animals such as white tiger, pygmy hogs and the great one-horned rhino.