Assam Startup Applies For Patent For First-Of-Its-Kind ‘Bhut Jolokia Tea’

The Guwahati-based tea connoisseur and entrepreneur offers more than 30 varieties of premium and exotic tea in his cafe


An Assam-based startup ‘Aromica Tea’ has applied for a patent for its recently launched first-of-its-kind fiery tea made out of an innovative combination of Dheki tea and bhut jolokia (ghost pepper).

Aromica fiery tea made with the goodness of bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) and dheki tea.

Launched on July 9th this year, the Aromica fiery tea dotted with ginger and a dash of lemon powder has a fresh aroma and unique flavour.

“We had applied for a patent through our Delhi-based CA. It is under process as the licensing would take time and we are waiting for the final turnout. After going through a lot of international journals, it has come to our notice that this tea is nowhere produced in the entire world,” said Ranjit Baruah, the man behind the fiery innovation and founder-director of ‘Aromica Tea’ while speaking to Time8.

Founder and director of Aromica Tea Ranjit Baruah with his team

While speaking about the idea of manufacturing bhut jolokia tea and the response from the customers, Baruah added,“We have seen that the Dheki tea and bhut jolokia are the two most authentic produce from Assam and we decided to go for a thrilling combination. This authentic process takes a lot of time and is not very popular. And our hard work paid off after the positive response from the public. Our sole idea is to popularise Assam tea across the globe.”

The Guwahati-based tea connoisseur and entrepreneur believes that Assam is much more than the black tea and went ahead with producing more than 30 exotic and premium varieties of tea.

Freshly brewed a hot cup of fiery tea

He also added their cafe serves around 26 specialty teas which include blue tea, fiery tea, valentine tea, family happiness tea, golden tips, mint green tea, tulsi green tea, yellow tea specialty tea to name a few. The ‘Aromica Tea’ is a Guwahati-based tea producing company located in East Jyoti Nagar, Bamunimaidan, Guwahati, Assam and it is a pan-India store.

The bhut jolokia belongs to the capsicum Chinese family and is native to Assam. The Guinness World Records certified that the ghost pepper was the world’s hottest chili pepper, 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, in 2007.

Photo credit: Ranjit Baruah