Assam Singer Babu Apologises For ‘Unintentional’ Portray Of Satriya Culture In ‘Majuli Gabhoru’ Song

AJYCP lodged an FIR against the singer Babu with Garmur police for misrepresentation of Majuli's culture


Following controversy over his latest video song ‘Majuli Gabhoru’, Assamese singer Babu on November 19th, 2019, expressed his apology for ‘unintentionally’ hurting the sentiment of the people.

Speaking to media persons, Babu said, “It was unintentional. I express my sincere apology to the people of Majuli and the state. I do not want to hurt anybody through my work. I have already removed the video from YouTube.”

The song stirred up controversy immediately after it was released on YouTube on November 19th, 2019. It has been alleged that Mukha Silpa (mask culture), which is one of the rich cultures of the island district, was misrepresented in the video.

Moreover, people expressed anger over the scene where a girl and her family have been punished for trying to enter a satra whereas there is no restriction for female in entering the satras in Majuli.

The Asom Jatiyatabadi Yuva Chatra Parishad lodged an FIR with the Garmur police against the singer in the matter.

Photo: Time8