Assam NRC Chief Seeks Details Of ‘Ineligible People’ In Final List

Names of 3,11,21,004 persons were found eligible and 19,06,657 persons were excluded from the final list including those who did not submit claims


Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) Coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma has dashed off a letter to the Registrars of Citizen Registration of all districts seeking details of “ineligible persons” found in final NRC list.

Sarma sent the letter (No. SPMU/NRC/GIS/70/2015/351) to the Deputy Commissioner and District Register of Citizens Registration (DRCR) on February 19th, 2020 and directed them to submit the details of ineligible people whose names are included in the NRC.

“It has come to the knowledge that after publication of the final NRC on August 31, 2019, few names of ineligible people are found in the final NRC particularly of Doubtful Voters (DV), Declared Foreigner (DF), those with cases pending in Foreigners’ Tribunal (PFT) and descendants of DV(DVD), DFD, PFTD,” said the letter.

The letter added, “You are requested to share the details of such people who are ineligible for inclusion in the NRC but whose names got included in NRC in addition to the list.”

The Assam government on August 31st, 2019 officially released the final NRC list where names of 3,11,21,004 persons were found eligible and 19,06,657 persons were excluded from the list including those who did not submit claims.

Political parties, several organisations have vociferously expressed their unhappiness with the final exclusion figures. They claimed that a large number of indigenous people were excluded from the final NRC list.

Earlier, Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that had Assam government been given the full responsibility to update the NRC, it would have been a “correct NRC”.

Replying to the debate on Governor’s Speech during the one-day special session of the Assam Assembly on January 13th, 2020, Sonowal said, “I can tell it with confidence that if the Assam government had got full responsibility of the NRC upgrade work, then it would have been a correct NRC. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants a correct NRC.”

In his over an hour-long speech that ended post-midnight, Sonowal said that the Assam government had no role to play in the NRC updation process as it was carried out directly under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

Sonowal further informed that his government provided the service of 55,000 of its employees and the police force for the security purpose.

Photo: Time8