Assam Guv Adopts Morigaon District For Promotion Of Agriculture

The Guv directed Morigaon DC to establish value chain and prospective markets so that the farmers get the proper value of their produce


With an aim to develop agriculture and use it for the socio-economic development of the people of the state, Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi adopted Morigaon district for development of agriculture and allied activities.

A series of meetings were held with the heads of agriculture and allied departments like irrigation, horticulture, sericulture, piggery, poultry and fishery for seamless coordination and decide on the modus operandi for implementing the project. Governor Mukhi also sought a detailed report from the respective departments to take the project to its logical conclusion. 

Mukhi observed that agriculture and the other departments collectively can be contributors to the socio-economic development and taken in right earnest can create huge employment avenues besides ensuring food security, self-reliance and growth of the economy.

The Governor mentioned that he has taken the inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s programme of doubling the income of farmers by 2022. He said that the agriculture department should act as a force multiplier and maintain constant monitoring to achieve agricultural growth.

He also stressed on achieving targets set by different departments within the stipulated period. Worth mentioning that the Governor adopted Morigaon district with an intention to make it a model for the other districts to emulate.

The Governor said Morigaon is agriculturally potential district and most of the people are associated with agriculture so developing the district agriculturally will lead to capacity building of the people living in it. Moreover, as practising single cropping system amounts to inadequate use of land resources, the Governor also advised the farmers to adhere to the multi-cropping system.

He, therefore, asked Deputy Commissioner (DC) Morigaon Rituraj Borah to conduct monthly meetings and monitor the activities very closely and encourage the farmers to go for multi-cropping practice. He also asked the DC to establish value chain and prospective markets so that the farmers get the proper value of their produce. The Governor urged upon every farmer to engage in one or more farming practices at home which will boost their income.

During his visit to the district, the Governor had undertaken a series of activities and visited Golechepa Goatery farm. He also attended a programme at Quzari and interacted with farmers and weavers on eri seed production. He visited Pobitora Hut and attended the training programme of Animal Husbandary and Veterinary sector for the development of cattle and goat. Further, he attended fishery training centre at Kalabithika and witnessed programme on piggery and poultry farming in veterinary campus.

The Governor also distributed power tillers, tri rickshaws (Dip Bahan), vans for carrying agricultural produce, electric water pumps, hand compression sprayers, spinning machines and mini seed kit to the beneficiaries at subsidized rates.

On visiting the Golechopa goatery farm, the Governor urged farmers to take up goat rearing as goats play an important role in the food and nutritional security of the rural poor especially in the rain-fed regions where crop production is uncertain, and rearing large ruminants is restricted by an acute scarcity of feed and fodder.

Governor also highlighted the importance of cattle rearing and said that in the economic front, Assam and North-East are lagging behind in terms of milk production compared to some other states of India. Morigaon district has 56 milk-producing clusters, 52 numbers of dairy co-operative societies and approximately 697 numbers of private dairy farms. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop this sector by taking multi-pronged strategies.

Attending a programme on piggery farming, the Governor said that among the various livestock species, the pig is one of the most potent source of meat production and more efficient feed converters after the broiler.  

The Governor also laid importance to develop Poultry farming as poultry not only provides income generation but also employment generation, women empowerment and nutritional security. He said that the backyard poultry plays a vital role in the livelihood of millions of poor people of Assam. Assam ranks 1st in duck population (7.3 million) and plays a vital role in the socio-economic development of rural people of the state. Duck eggs and meat are very popular and preferred by all sections of the people of Assam.

Photo credit: Raj Bhavan, Guwahati