Assam Government Order Schools To Take Only 50 Percent Fee In April

Any school found to be violating these orders who be sealed off


The Government of Assam has directed all the schools as well as other educational institutions in the state to only take only 50 per cent of the current month’s fees.

Speaking at a press conference, Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said in view of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), every educational institution will have to waive 50 per cent of their monthly school, college fees exclusively meant for the Month of April 2020 to the students studying any class from pre-primary to class XII. The educational institutions who have already collected the fees meant for the month of April will adjust the concession in the next instalment.

He further added that during the present pandemic there cannot be any increase in the school fees and there cannot be any curtailment in the salary of teaching or non-teaching staff.

The minister added that any school found to be violating these orders who be sealed off.

A notification by the education department stated that the Government of Assam is compelled to close the schools and colleges from March 16th, 2020 and all the activities were under lockdown from March, 16th, 2020.

“Due to the above the income of all the citizens of Assam has been badly affected and they are not in a position to afford the payment of school fees till the lockdown period is over, to provide relief to the parents and guardians whose wards are studying in the schools up to senior secondary level, a discussion was carried out with the selected representatives of the schools established by an association of individuals or society or trusts etc. so that delivery of educational services is not impacted and after taking into consideration the suffering of the people of Assam”, the notification added.

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