Adorable Pics Of Rickshaw Puller Giving Ride To A Dog Wrapped In Blanket Wins The Internet

    Check out what tweeps had to say about the heart-warming photographs


    While several writers have jotted down their thoughts on the special bond between humans and the four-legged canines, a photograph from a winter morning where a rickshaw puller is seen giving a ride to a dog wrapped in a blanket in his two-wheeler cart is doing rounds in the social media equating the bond.

    The picture was first shared by a Twitter user named @sevdazola in the morning hours of January 2nd, 2019 with the caption “zoom in on the rickshaw and thank the heavens later”. The “emotional and inspirational” photographs instantly caught the attention of the tweeps and have had over 1000 retweets till the filing of this news.

    Apparently the photograph of the dog cosily sitting on the rickshaw and enjoying the ride is a sight to behold. Check out what the tweeps had to say.

    Photo Credit: Twitter