704 COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Assam

Assam now has 635 active cases and four deaths related to the virus


COVID-19 cases in Assam has reached 704 on Wednesday with 18 new cases being confirmed.

Among the infected a resident of Kamrup Metro, who travelled from Ahmedabad to Guwahati was detected. 14 were from Golaghat, 2 from Karbi Anglong and 1 from Lakhimpur.

Total cases in the state now stand at 704 with 635 active cases and four deaths.

Assam in Just 10 days reported around 600 cases and which is a very sharp rise in the cases. Some have also claimed that very soon Assam will cross the 1000 mark. However, most of the cases being detected are in quarantine centres and so there are very fewer chances of the virus being spread among the common people in the state.