40 Idols, Items Fished Out From Brahmaputra, Latasil PS OC Rewarded

Upen Kalita, OC, Latasil Police Station was rewarded with Rs 10,000 by the Assam DGP (in-charge)


As many as 40 invaluable idols and related items used in worship have been fished out from the Brahmaputra in Guwahati. Idols of gods and goddesses, lamps, conches, tridents, plaques, temple door latches were retrieved from the river near the busy Uzan Bazar-Umananda ferry ghat on November 30th – December 1st, 2019.

Sonu Ali of Hotel Trishul was bathing in the river on November 30th, 2019 when he felt some hard objects beneath the water. Curious enough, he took a dip and pulled out an idol of Lord Shiva. Smelling a rat, he intimated the Latasil Police.

Latasil Police Station immediately swung into action. The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) was engaged for carrying out underwater searches.

Latasil Police informed that an enquiry has been initiated to find out how the idols and other items made its way to the mighty Brahmaputra and whether the articles were stolen from temples.

Newly appointed Assam Director General of Police (in-charge) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta applauded the Latasil police and SDRF personnel for successfully recovering the statues and related objects from the river. 15 police and SDRF personnel were also rewarded for their “outstanding success in recovery” of the items.

Upen Kalita, OC, Latasil Police Station was rewarded with Rs 10,000. Apart from him, WSI (P) Suchitra Biswas, SI(P) Mansing Teron, UBC Gautam Das, UBC Dipak Lahkar, HG Chand Md Ali of Latasil Police Station were rewarded by the DGP (in-charge).

On the other hand, SC Nabajyoti Borah, SUB Officer Chandra Kr Mandal,  ER Dilip Urang, ER Joy Krishan Tanti, ER Dipankar Borah, ER Biswajit Saikia, ER Pranjit Talukdar, FM Sukumar Saloi and FM Kankan Kalita of the SDRF were also rewarded.

Photo credit: @assampolice