29 Migrant Workers Head Back To Assam From Mumbai On Bicycles

They have requested the government to ensure that they are not obstructed by the police during their 2900 km journey


A group of 29 migrant workers from Assam’s Sonitpur and Udalguri districts who were working in Mumbai are coming back to Assam on bicycles after they could not avail any help from the government.

One of them, Pankaj Boro speaking of their journey said that they failed to avail any help from the government and were disappointed that despite several requests, the government did not arrange any help from them.

Boro stated that they used to do several odd jobs in Mumbai and during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the lockdown, they ran out of money and hence could not afford any bus. They claimed that they had requested the government to arrange some mode of transportation for them but their call for help was allegedly left unattended.

He further added that disappointed over the government, they decided to come back to Assam on their bicycles.

They requested the government to “at least make sure that the police do not harass them on their way back home”.

Photo: Time8