2 Assam BJP MLAs Under Scanner After Seizure Of Unaccounted Cash During COVID-19 Lockdown

At least Rs 17 lakh were seized by the Guwahati Police from two persons


Two BJP MLAs are under the police scanner after it has been alleged that they have ties with two persons including a coal trader who were arrested by the Guwahati Police with Rs 17 lakh unaccounted cash during the ongoing lockdown.

As per information available, two persons were arrested by the Guwahati Police near the Lakhiminagar area of Hatigaon with a bag full of unaccounted cash. Among the arrested persons one was identified to be a constable of the special branch of the Assam Police namely, Sanjib Kumar Das while the persons as per reports have been identified to be a coal trader, namely Iftikar Ali.

Both of them were moving from the MLA quarter of Bolin Chetia, who is BJP MLA from Sadiya constituency to Iftikar’s flat in Lakhiminagar. These two persons were arrested after they were checked on suspicion of moving at night when the curfew was on. They could to give any details of the cash that the police had recovered from them and hence were arrested along with the money and the vehicle they were travelling in.

The police arrested both of them under sections 188/269/270 of the India Penal Code.

Later on, it was reported that they had alleged links with MLA Bolin Chetia and MLA (also from BJP) Bhaskar Sharma. It has been claimed that following their arrest, MLA Bolin Chetia had been pressurizing the officer in charge of the Hatigaon Police Station to release both of them.